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Nessebar - a mandatory part of your holiday

Did you know that only 5 minutes by car (or public transport) from our hotel is situated the Old Town of Nessebar, part of the UNESCO World Heritage?
Nessebar is a delight for the soul and the senses. Take an afternoon / evening and stroll through the small cobbled streets, explore the ancient churches, eat fresh fish in one of the many restaurants and enjoy the whole old atmosphere.

What can you see in the Old Town?
In the old part of the city there were about 42 churches, less than half of which were discovered by archaeologists and preserved.

The church st. Sofia, known as The Old Bishopric, is situated on the place supposed to be the old Centrum of the settlement. It is a three-nave basilica with a semicircular apse, a three-part nartex and an atrium (an inner yard). It is of 25,50 meter length.

The Christ Pantocrator Church is dated back 13th - 14th century. It’s one of the most remarquable and well preserved medieval churches in Nessebar, typical for the picturesque style in the religeous architecture.At present, the church hosts a photographic exhibition titled “Nessebar and the bay on old maps”. Eighteen maps dating from the 4th to the 19th centuries are displayed, illustrating a lasting interest in Southeastern Europe and particularly in the Black Sea coast and Nessebar. The maps belong to different branches of cartography, so visitors could see various types of maps: continental, historical, road and trade maps, charts, etc.

The church st. John the Baptist was built in 10th century. Its construction was made of rough stone and mortar. The church is 14 m long and 10 m wide. Around the windows and above the door rudiments of decorative elements can be seen. The church is a typical representative of the transition between the shortern basilica towards the cruciform church. 

Archaeological museum in Nessebar is created in 1956 and its first exposition was in St. John the Baptist church. In 1994 the museum was moved in a new building, constructed on a special project of architect Hristo Koev. An exposition “Nessebar during the Ages” there containing numerous cultural monuments, presents the history of Antic Messambria and Medieval Nessebar.
The exhibition area of the museum includes a lounge and four exhibition halls. A diploma certifying the entry of Old Nessebar in the list of World cultural heritage is on the wall of the lounge. This act was accomplished December 9th, 1983 on the VII session of the Committee of World Heritage, hold in Florence, Italy.

And more sights you can visit:
  • "Holy Mother Eleusa", a church, VI century
  • "St. Stephen", a church, X century,
  • "St. Demetrius", a church, XI century
  • "Saint Arch. Michael and Gabriel ”, a church, XIII century
  • "St. Paraskeva", a church from the XIII century
  • "St. Theodore", a church from the XIII century
  • "St. John Aliturgetus", a church, XIV century
  • "Holy Ascension" ("Holy Savior"), a church, XVII century
  • "St. Clement", a church, XVII century
  • Early Byzantine Terms, VI century
  • Ethnographic Museum
  • Windmill

Read about all the sights here:


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