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Sunny Beach before and now ... and we. .. somewhere in history, in the present and in the future ...

Sunny Beach… Beloved and unloved, traditional and so modern, noisy and calm, a place for young and not so young, for very very young and very, very old, for hot emotions and for leisurely holidays… and it all starts with a utopia. A dream for the perfect place for a family vacation. And gradually it becomes a desire for everyone, regardless of age, gender and life status.

Sunny Beach was designed 64 years ago, and 63 years ago (1958) the construction of the first few hotels began. In the first years of its existence, about 30 hotels appeared, a large part of which still exist today. Sunny Beach marks such a rise that only after 10 years, in 1969, it registered its millionth tourist, and in 1973 doubled the number of tourists to 2 million. 
On the threshold of democracy (1989) Sunny Beach, with its 180 hotels, over 27,000 beds and over 130 restaurants, has already established itself as the most preferred tourist resort in Eastern Europe. Until the mid-1990s, Sunny Beach was an exclusive Bulgarian state property. After 1997, the Bulgarian state sold a large part of its share and followed... a dizzying development for the resort. Conceived as a small family complex, in less than a decade it has become the largest resort on the Balkan Peninsula.

New hotels, new restaurants, new discos and bars, new attractions. Today the resort has over 300,000 beds, with the largest water parks in the Balkans, with the largest variety of restaurants, with the largest variety of bars and discos, with the largest variety of attractions, with the largest variety of water attractions… 
And with, as we have already mentioned, our greatest pride - the beach. The fine golden Sunny Beach sand stretches for more than 8 km in length and more than 100 meters in width, and the sea water is blue-green, just like… shimmering aquamarine.

Where are we in this colorful mix of past, present and future? We? We are here. A step away from the hot sand and one breath away from the sea breeze. We have not signed in the "ancient" history of the complex, but we are writing our own present and future. On the threshold of adulthood, for almost 18 years, we welcome every sunrise and send every sunset. We welcomed and sent thousands of tourists. Our hotel is named after the gemstone aquamarine, and aquamarine is not only a "tamer of sea storms", but also a symbol of love and friendship. We stayed like that with a very large part of you - friends. This is how we want to write our future history - with strong old friendships and many new friendships…

We will wait for you... to write our history together.

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